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Villa Oranje Pattaya

The journey from the airport to the hotel

Recently I visited Hotel Villa Oranje in Pattaya. It was more or less a last minute booking. I decided I wanted to go away, did a quick search on Google to arrive at this website.
Via whatsapp I contacted Rattana, for availability and he replied very fast, I was welcome at the Villa and they also had a discount promotion. I only paid 990 baht per night for the DeLuxe room. (Is now only the price for an Econimy Room.)

Rattana arranged a taxi from the airport to the hotel for me, very convenient, I didn’t have to hassle on prices It went all very smoothly. I met the taxi driver at a numbered exit at the airport and he swiftly drove me to the hotel. The taxi driver had a sign in his car with an email address that explained to me (and I cannot read Thai), that he probably started his taxi business in 2012 and also created an emailaddress at that time. I only don’t think he ever received an email from a passenger, as Gmil is not an email service like Gmail 🙂

Gmil = not equal to gmail 🙂

Ratana cares about her guests, I noticed already during the taxi ride. She requested the taxi driver to send a picture of me in the car to her, to make sure everything was OK and I was in the right taxi.

After a taxi ride of 1.5 hours, I arrived at the villa. When you arrive in Thailand after a long flight, you always get struck by the head when you exit the airport or taxi. Good thing there is a bar in the villa with many ceiling fan’s and ice cold beer’s.

My arrival at hotel Villa Oranje in Pattaya

Rattana was waiting for me on arrival, gave me a cold beer and showed me my DeLuxe room.
A very spacious room with balcony, large fridge, 2 ceiling fans, a microwave and much more. That felt comfortable.
After taking a quick shower I went to a 7/11. Everyone knows these shops are never far away in Thailand and also in this case, I only had to walk for 4 minutes from the hotel to arrive at a large 7//1.
I always feel good when I arrive in a 7/11. Not only because of the infamous “ding dong” door sound and the “welcome” by the staff, but also because you can find there really everything you need.
Thank heaven you are in 7/11 is for me very much true!

After my 7/11 visit, I walked on to soi bukhao, the famous nightlife area. It’s a nice 5 minute walk from the hotel in the evening breeze.
Along the way I was greeted by several Thai people in various forms: “Hi Handsome man”, “Hi boss”, “Cheap beer here” and the “Sawadee krap” greeting.
After a short walk, I stopped at a bar to grab a fresh draft pint of beer and think about the things I wanted to do this holiday.

Things to do in Pattaya

During the holiday I visited a few attractions in Pattaya, all very easily accessible from Villa Oranje, such as:

  • Soi Bukhao. This is a very busy 1.5 kilometer street filled with bar’s, massage parlors, streetfood, markets, pharmacy’s, beer bar’s everything you wish and need is available. I was very happy I choose Villa Oranje as it is conveniently located close to Soi Bukhao. From Soi Bukhao it is also a short stroll to beach road.
  • Jomtien, the more family oriented beach town, it’s only a short 10 minute motor or taxi ride away. It’s very different from Pattaya, worth a visit.
  • The Pattaya Floating Market. Not so special after visiting. A bit worn in my opinion, but I think especially for families and food lovers it is great. It is close to the outlet center and the tiger farm, though I didn’t go to these.
  • Terminal 21 is a huge shopping mall in airport/country theme. Perfect for travelers. They also have a good and cheap food court. Easy to reach by Baht bus from the hotel.
  • Koh Larn, the coral Island. Very easy to visit from Villa Oranje.
  • The Pattaya night market. Very nice for all your knock off and cheap clothes. I only bought some knock off slippers, but they have a lot more.
  • I used to eat street food at Tree Town market, a 10 minute walk from the villa. Great Thai street food, but they also have lot’s of western food. Good quality and it seemed good hygiene.
  • With Bangkok only 1.5 hour away it is even easy to do a day trip to Bangkok.

A perfect stay in Pattaya

I can fully recommend Villa Oranje, Rattana is really friendly and hospitable as are the other guests of the villa. Rattana is mostly around the villa and reception, but if she is not, she is always available via WhatsApp or Line. You can ask her anything whether it is about the apartment or about Pattaya or Thailand. Very convenient. They also have setup a Pattaya FAQ section on the website, very convenient.

At Villa Oranje, you make new friends. It is a “boutique hotel”, small, but large enough to meet plenty of people. I traveled alone and you never feel alone at Villa Oranje. There are always some guests at the bar to talk with, everyone is friendly. As it is in the city center, it is very easy to go everywhere you want.
Tip: install Grab and or Bolt at your phone. Very easy to order food, take a (motor) bike taxi and much more. Works perfect, also for foreigners.

Bangkok skywalk MAHANAKHON. Great views.
A daytrip from Pattaya to Bangkok is easy
Floating market Pattaya
Pattaya’s floating market

A summary of my review from: Hotel Villa Oranje in Pattaya

Alex (Hilversum, Netherlands)

Remote work features/Digital nomad facilities
WiFi Speed
Suitable for solo travelers
Suitable for friend groups

Great stay for solo travelers and friend groups

Villa Oranje is a great stay. You make friends here. Right in the center of Pattaya not far from the beach and nightlife. Good for solo travelers and groups of friends. Very helpful staff. Many international guests. Large spacious rooms.


Greetings and enjoy your holiday in Pattaya


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