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Boutique Hotel Villa Oranje Pattaya

Standard Double Room

Our Standard room is medium-large sized and has a sliding door with plenty of windows and daylight. Offering good closing curtains to keep out sun and protect your privacy. Offering a double bed with a good quality mattrass, bathroom with bath or shower with toilet and wash basin. We have 5 Standard rooms for rent.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you stay longer than 7 days and you book directly with us (not via any other booking-portal) you will receive a DISCOUNT in worth of 10% of your room price, to be credited on your hotel consumption account (like food and drinks and minibar).

Price is 1450 Thai Baht per night.

With a multitude of amenities, you can rest assured that you have everything within reach to enjoy a relaxing long or short stay.


Prices start at: 990 ฿ per night


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Hotel Villa Oranje

Your HOME away from home - in Thailand since 1988

    Promotion: 990 baht/night for EVERY type of room

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