Around our hotel: the famous “Soi Buakhao”

In this blog we take you to Soi Bukhao (soi means street). Soi Buakhao is only a 5 minute walk from our hotel and worth a visit. This street is something you won’t experience at home.

What is Soi Buakhao in Pattaya?

Almost everyone who has been to Pattaya, knows “Walking Street”. It’s the street connected to beach road, that made Pattaya famous. A street filled with bars, go-go bars, massage parlors, nightclubs, markets and much much more.
Nowadays, after COVID, and during the current reconstruction, walking street is not so busy anymore and Soi Buakhao has taken over as the leading nightlife and entertainment area in Pattaya. Since July 2022 there are no COVID restrictions anymore so things have heated up.
During the day this soi is just a busy street, in the night it transforms to an amazing nightlife area with everything you can imagine. Soi Buakhao is approximately 1.7 kilometer long with 1 million hundreds of bars (it is estimated on 700 bars), restaurants, nightclubs and everything you can think of. This soi is open to traffic, but having said that, the traffic does not drive fast and you will encounter mostly “baht busses” on your stroll through this street. You can walk safely and enjoy all entertainment.

To make this post complete (and for people who like to know details), soi bukhao means “white lotus road”. If you ever need to ask a Thai person where soi bukhao is, it is pronounced in Thai like
“soi boo-uh-cow”. So good luck with that :). Luckily if you stay in our hotel you are very close to soi bukhao and there is no need for asking and copying a cow :).

Highlights Soi Buakhao

Where the best nightlife in Thailand is? We think it is safe to say that for sure this is in Pattaya. And where the best nightlife in Pattaya is? That is soi bukhao and adjacent streets.

You really have to experience this soi to understand the vibrant feeling. So come on over to Pattaya to experience it. The street is not expensive, there is fierce competition and almost always you will find somewhere on this street a happy hour to get cheap ice cold beers.
Really this street is unique, you never experience a street like this anywhere else in the world. A few highlights (but not limited to):

  • Some huge beer bar complexes. Around “Tree Town” you will find one of the largest. You will find a lot of girls and ladyboys here, for sure you make new friends!
  • In the beginning of the street (when you walk from our hotel onto the street) you will find a couple of decent bars like “Witherspoons” where it’s good to chill with an ice cold draught beer and some western food. If you walk up the street you find all bar types you can imagine, from go go bar’s, a reggae bar (!) up to nightclubs, gentlemens clubs and beer bars.
  • The Soi Bukhao market (tuesday/friday) is a market, 2 days a week, where you can buy all of your cheap t-shirts, souvenirs, cell phone accessoires and of course -it’s Thailand- lot’s of food.
  • There are also a lot of pharmacies and convenience stores in this street and in the beginning of the street a lot of tailors. So if you really want to suit up, it is very well possible for a cheap price. Often a suit comes with a free beer or two, just ask!
  • At some of the side streets, often just only 10 or 15 meters from Soi Bukhao, you will find those tiny thai little (mobile) bars. Sometimes they are not more then a few chairs, a few bottles and a frying pan. They are awesome places to get your drinks very very cheap and to make new Thai Friends easily.
  • Directly adjacent to soi bukhao there are even more streets with bar’s, making the soi bukhao area even more complete. The (in)famous soi LK Metro for example. A 200 meter long street (L shaped) full with mainly GoGo and beer bars. Good thing is that it is usually a little less crowded here then on soi bukhao itself and walking street. We can guarantee LK metro and soi bukhao are made for partying, you experience something you will never experience at home!
  • But, you ask yourself, with 2 major party streets, it’s already more then a complete party destination, but isn’t there more? Yes, Yes, Yes, there is more! Across “mike shopping mall (backside)” and directly connected to soi bukhao, there is another famous soi. “Soi diana”. This soi has a collection of beer bars and especially coyote bars. So if you fancy some dancing bar girls, take this street. In the “Arcade building” you will find some western restaurants. The soi has been named after the first hotel called, you wouldn’t guess, “Diana Inn”.
  • Back to soi bukhao itself, there are plenty of bars with mostly Thai and Philipine bands and solo singers. So if you like some musical entertainment you will have no problem finding it. If you are more a europop fan, go to the beer bar areas.

Beer prices soi Buakhao

Yep, maybe, the most important question to answer. Well here we go:

On average beer prices currently (august 2022) on soi bukhao in bars go for around 100-140 baht. During happy hour, you can find bars where there are two brewski’s for the price of one, resulting in a beer price of around 50-75 baht. Yes, that includes great views, great waitresses and often live music. With around 700 bars, there is always somewhere a happy hour in and around soi bukhao so you will always be able to grab yourself a cheap beer.

GoGo bars are a bit more expensive in terms of beer prices. Expect to pay around 150-160 baht for a fresh bottle of beer. But hey, there will be GoGo dancers for that price as well.

Tip: Try those little small restaurants (often not more then a few chairs a frying pan and music) on the side streets or corners. You might be able to negotiate a great beer deal and grab yourself a pint for a low price. Give it a try, it’s fun and you support a local small business.

How to get to Soi Buakhao from our hotel?

Hotel Villa Oranje is very close to the best nightlife area in Thailand. Our hotel is just a 5 minute walk from soi buakhao. Ok, we admit, if you walk slowly, it might take you 6 or 7 minutes, if you are drunk (maybe on the way back to the hotel, it can take up to 10 minutes).
But it is very close and a very safe to walk from our hotel to the entertainment area.
Important to mention that our hotel is in a very quiet side soi. You won’t hear any loud music or bar sounds.
If you don’t like to walk, there are countless baht buses driving up and down the 1.7 km of soi buakhao all day and for 20 baht they take you wherever you want.
Book a cheap apartment near soi bukhao at hour hotel and enjoy Pattaya to the max.

Hotel apartments villa oranje is near soi bukhao. Only a 5 minute walk to the nightlife area.
Hotel villa Oranje is just a 5 minute safe walk away from Soi Bukhao

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Hotel Villa Oranje Pattaya

A walk through the best nightlife area in Thailand, soi Bukhao. (note this video is shot during covid restriction time)

Soi Buakhao

Villa Oranje Review

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A great awesome street, especially for solo travelers and groups. You will never be bored here. Go visit it is something you won’t experience at home!

Soi Bukhao has many beer bars. For sure you will make friends here. The #1 nightlife area in Pattaya and thus for Thailand.
Tree Town beer bar complex in Pattaya, Soi Bukhao
Soi Bukhao Pattaya, always something to do!
Bath Buses drive up and down soi bukhao to make it easy to visit the hundred’s of bar’s along this road.
There are hundreds of bars on soi bukhao, including a reggae bar (Trench Town)
There are hundreds of bars on soi bukhao, including a reggae bar (Trench Town)
Beer prices thailand, pattaya
Beer prices on soi bukhao in pattaya
Soi Bukhao in daytime
Soi Bukhao in daytime

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Hotel Villa Oranje Pattaya

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Ian. SellarsIan. Sellars
08:14 14 Sep 22
Great relaxing stay good wifi food.but well hidden from life
Chris DChris D
11:58 05 Aug 22
A great place with super friendly owners and staff - would definitely stay again ☺️
Ivar BrinkmanIvar Brinkman
06:22 19 Jul 22
The hotel surpassed my expectations in every way: hospitable, great bar and nice food. Plus a quiet spacious room and a nice pool. Highly recommended !
A true hidden gem in Pattaya. We arrived from Bangkok with my wife and three kids without booking and luckily were able to get two rooms.Thanks to Rattana and Giani for their warm welcome and kindness. We'll be back for sure 😊
Jamie FarrarJamie Farrar
12:12 14 Jul 22
Great rooms, you can pay 4 times more and not have a room like this. Great owners friendly service, food is top notch. (Breakfast is one of the best around) pool, quiet area but 5 mins to main bars and resturant area. Nice bar. Perfect place to stay in Pattaya.
Thomas JanssensThomas Janssens
10:50 07 Apr 22
Excellent rooms with comfy bed. Nice swimming pool. Quiet location. Giani and Rattana are very helpful and welcoming hosts.

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