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Come enjoy a great holiday in Pattaya at Villa Oranje!

Did you know back in the 1950s, Pattaya was just a very small fishing village. Nothing really happened here except catching fish. Around the 1960’s the first bar opened up and in 1967 the first major hotel started to operate in Pattaya, nowadays the Basaya Beach Hotel.

Pattaya was a small fishing town in 1952
Pattaya in 1952. This picture is hanging in our bar.

Things changed when the US army, used Pattaya as a so called R&R destination (Rest and Recuperation). Military personal that was active in Vietnam at that time, used Pattaya as a destination where they could safely relax. With the dollars coming into Pattaya, so did people (and girls) from all over Thailand. Pattaya rapidly grew. Coming into the 1970’s the hippy generation also started to travel. Especially from Europe through the at that time famous hippie trail. A route over land from Western Europe, via Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, India all the way to Thailand. A good movie to experience this time and the hippie trails is “The Serpent“.

Why Pattaya is a great holiday destination

Fast forward to today. Pattaya receives over 4 million visitors each year and the Chonburi province where Pattaya is in, received over 19 million visitors in 2019. There is really something to do and see in this area!

In Pattaya there is something to do for everyone. Pattaya is known for it’s girly bar’s, neon signs and gogo bar’s. While these are still present and help lot’s of visitors enjoy, if you want to avoid them, that’s also easy to do. Just a few highlights on Pattaya, where I regularly go myself in this blog post.

A speed boat to Koh Larn

I sometimes take a high speed boat and go to the coral island (Koh Larn) It’s not far from mainland Pattaya and it is the most beautiful Island in the area. There is always something to do there and it is easy to travel as there are many baht buses around the island. You can make here instagrammable pictures. A guarantee!

If I want to relax, I can do this in our own little tropical garden at the hotel,but there is a much larger one as well. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical garden. It is really amazing and very large. If you are interested in tropical plants, do visit this place!

The floating market can also be worth a visit. Located a little outside the city center, but easy to reach, gives you some nice pictures and you can buy local food from all over Thailand. It is a bit commercial, but worth a visit if you like food and a tour on a boat. It’s easy to combine with Pattaya’s largest outlet center as that is close to the floating market.

The Pattaya floating market, an excellent half day trip on a pattaya holiday
Pattaya Floating market an excellent half day trip on a pattaya holiday

What also is an advantage of Pattaya, is that it is very international. Most people speak at least a little English, health care is at a very high level and you can buy here anything you want. This makes it a very complete destination. You don’t have to worry about accessibility to any important service as it is all available.

Pattaya’s tourism continues to evolve with lifestyle attractions and amenities such as waterpark, theme park, community mall and beach club. New additions will likely be the old town of Na Kluea and Koh Lan Island, which will be further upgraded and promoted. The aesthetics of Pattaya beach has
also been uplifted as part of tourism reinvention initiatives.

So Pattaya will continue to improve itself. It is very much worth a visit.

Experience a holiday in Pattaya in hotel Villa Oranje!

Rattana showing the wall at our bar, full of pictures. We love to have more pictures of our guests who are enjoying a holiday in Pattaya, at this wall. Is your picture next?
Will your picture hang on our wall soon?

If you plan to visit Pattaya, I hope you stay in Villa Oranje. Our hotel is located right in the center of Pattaya, but in a quiet street. We offer very affordable rooms and great service. Our Dutch themed hotel (that’s why it is called “Oranje”, Dutch for Orange) welcomes guests from all over the world. And if you don’t stay with us, do visit our bar for an ice cold beer, Dutch snacks, like a kroket or Belgium special beers.
It’s much more fun to stay in a small boutique hotel like ours, than in the larger hotel chains. Here you make friends and we offer great personal service!

The wall behind our bar, has lot’s of pictures, we love to have your picture there as well!

See you soon!


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