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Boutique Hotel Villa Oranje Pattaya

Special 10% Discount Offer

SPECIAL OFFER: If you stay longer than 7 days and you book directly with us (not via any other booking-portal) you will receive a DISCOUNT in worth of 10% of your room price, to be credited on your hotel consumption account (like food and drinks and minibar). Example: if your room rent price is 10.000 baht, you will receive a discount of 1000 baht on your food & drinks in the hotel. MIND: This offer is only available if you book directly at this Villa Oranje website, our email, our Facebook-page, our Messenger account, Line, Whatsapp or phone.


Fill in your desired dates and find out what rooms are available. You can book right away and we confirm your reservation. For very short notice bookings you can phone us or chat with us on the ‘Line’ platform or via ‘Whatsapp’. See the little orange + in the lower right corner on every page.

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Villa Oranje

Your HOME away from home - in Thailand since 1988

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